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002. {VIDEO}

[ it looks like this device has fallen quite a ways; random splashes of color, bumping, and finally bounces on a head of blonde hair and an answering yelp in response. ]

What the -- [ the screen finally fixes on a pained looking Cavallone don's face, and a series of beeps sound obnoxiously as he fiddles with the controls, muttering to himself. ] Man, was that where you were hiding all along...?

[ he blinks, figures out that it's on, and looks sheepish. ] Oh -- uh. Sorry about that. It looks like this thing gets lost a lot, doesn't it?


Checking in, how many of you guys are here? Looks like more and more from our world are coming in_

001. VIDEO

[ And there is a yelp and an almighty splash - someone's just landed in the fountain, and from the looks of it, the device is soaked with the person as well. Bubbles everywhere, a flash of blond hair, before a hand grabs hold of it. The screen is turned towards a wincing, waterlogged Dino Cavallone, who is currently stumbling out of the water and --

-- promptly trips over the side of it. ]
Aaaaargh -- [ Floor? Meet Dino's face. Meet Dino's face aggressively. Cue lots of tumbling sounds, before the device is held again, and Dino's bruised wince. ] Looks Iike took a wrong turn somewhere, huh? [ He's confused a moment, then frowns a little. ]

...Where is this place, anyway? And -- [ There's a roar and a flash of something, and Dino's eyes widen to the size of saucers, staring at something just off-screen. ] Enzio...?

[ CRASH. ]

Oh, no.

We don't have anymore time to waste, Fashionista has to continue, as do all the other magazines. The rest of you are fine, but I would like to see the changes done to these outstanding publications within two days. They're not up to standards yet. Someone get me Daniel from the headhunters agency immediately; I'll take the call in my office.

Siren: No, pull Kylie Minogue from the cover - we'll use Catherine Zeta Jones instead. She's got the look that we're going for this issue.
Are we done on the English Rose article yet?
Scrap the Sedona shoot. MAC has what we want.
Where are the Franck Muller timepieces?
Bring back the Christopher Kane shoot. I will want at least eight pages for that alone. No, use the Jimmy Choo shoes for the Calvin Klein skirts, all of them.
Where are we on COACH and BALLY?
Get me Miuccia Prada or Patrizio on the line by this evening, I'll take their calls personally.

Fashionista: No, don't use the Nina Ricci and the Yves St Laurent shoot; that belongs to Siren. We're using Banana Republic and Erdem.
Where are the DKNY pieces? They were supposed to be due yesterday.
Change the featured article, I'm sure we have something more interesting for the readers.

Avenue: Yes, Paul Smith and Boss - we are still using Robert Downey Jr. He'll feature.
There should be a Tommy Hilfiger inside here, isn't there? Where is the shoot?
Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen should dominate.

Serendipity: Beyonce, please. Our demographic here is teenage girls.
Yes, I like the Rihanna photoshoot, we'll shift it forward a few more pages.
Pull up the Miu Miu collection, we'll feature that this month.
See if you can get Kristen Bell and Jessica Alba as well.

Souffle: New restaurants, please. I've seen this before.

Women's Health: I thought we decided not to put Madonna on the cover.

Metropolitan: The Wentworth Miller cover, please.
Where is Tim Gunn's column?

Kinetic: What happened to the piece on the latest Ferrari performance?



Haha - I almost forgot. Are there any caterers here? My last one is still on a vacation in the Bahamas.

Give me the list of all the contacts of the recently resigned editor of Fashionista. I want you to arrange lunch, dinner, and breakfast appointments with each and every one of them personally.

And send word that I will have an exclusive gathering with them at my penthouse next Friday. The media will be all over this, considering the Millefiore just poached one of our best.

Do it quickly, and please get my public relations manager in here.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dino Cavallone



Haha hey, I'm sorry, but who was the guy I hit earlier? I thought you looked kind of familiar, but I was in too much of a hurry to stay. Yeah - I was in the black Aston Martin?

My apologies again - if it was any of you, drop a message.

And oh - is the new V&A boss around? Sorry - I dropped by the office the other day but I couldn't get to see you. Sawada Tsunayoshi, right?



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